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  • Services

    Besides developing and supporting individual software projects and consulting, CommitWork also provides products in the Java and Guardian environment for HP NonStop server as well as for other platforms.

    For instance Java oriented products like our Java-development framework OmnivoBase as a base of our new product bundle OmnivoTribe can be used independently from the chosen hardware and operating system platform.

    Most of our tools use Eclipse plugins. If your tools should also be supported by Eclipse then talk to us.

    If your company bets on smartphones or tablets, then CommitWork will be your partner in software development. We develop your solution based on iOS or Android.

    If you have defined your future IT platform strategy in terms of hard- and software, we are the right partner to support you in integrating your selected components. For example:

    • JVM für HP-NonStop
    • JBoss Applikationsserver
    • NSJSP
    • NSASJ
    • O/R-Mapper Hibernate für HP-NonStop
    • ActiveMQ
    • CVS, SVN, GIT
    • DOJO Toolkit