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Integrating into new IT environments our workshops address important topics.
Besides our standard workshops we can provide individual workshops tailored to our customers needs.
Here is a small selection of our standard workshops to give you an idea of the kind of consulting we could go into:


  • Client software distribution
  • Java development environments and tools
  • Comparison “Thin” and “Rich” Client architectures
  • Comparing BEA WebLogic and JBoss Applicaticn Server on HP NonStop Server
  • Java on HP NonStop Server
  • Database access via O/R Mapper or JDBC?

Advanced workshops will drill down in certain subject areas and will enable you to make save moves into these new environments:

  • Java basic course
  • Java on HP NonStop Server
  • Java IDE Eclipse
  • CVS Repository
  • SVN Repository
  • ANT
  • Maven
  • JBoss programming
  • JBoss programming for HP NonStop Server
  • OSS (Open System Services) on HP NonStop Server
  • Programming Korn Shell on HP NonStop Server (OSS)
  • The NS/DOM Corba environment for HP NonStop Server
  • Hibernate - an Object/Relational Mapper for HP NonStop Server