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Module of OmnivoSwing is a GUI library supporting an easy migration from ScreenCobol based Pathway applications to OmnivoBase. OmnivoSwing can also be utilized for a simplified development of new Java applications also deployed on OmnivoBase.

Migration of ScreenCobol screens to OmnivoSwing is performed automatically thru Omnivo ScreenCobol-wizard, which is an Eclipse plug-in. Field-names and their attributes are kept thru the whole migration process. In addition, corresponding Java code is generated for the OmnivoSwing elements. Omnivo ScreenCobol-wizard uses a semi-automated processing.

After running the generator, extensions and/or changes are performed manually to enrich the generated application in order to provide substantial added value for users.
Despite generating Java code, the new source code remains easy to maintain.
OmnivoSwing’s GUI elements support validation and conversion of user input and provide bindings for transport classes.

Transport classes are required for client/server communication and they contain data for the legacy server (Cobol servers can still be utilized, or migrated to another language), as well as meta-data of attributes. OmnivoSwing elements are using those for checking user input and for conversions. OmnivoSwing supports the following GUI elements:

  • CheckBox
  • ComboBox
  • DateChooser
  • TextArea
  • TextField
  • Table mit den Editoren für CheckBox, ComboBox, Date, FormattedTextfield, Textfield
  • ErrorTooltip

With its conversioning-, rendering-, and validating functions the OmnivoSwing library currently contains 79 Java classes.

OmnivoSwing and Omnivo ScreenCobol-wizard were already utilized in a bigger migration project. More than 300 ScreenCobol dialogues could be migrated to Java in a very short timeframe. These new Java dialogues are now biased on OmnivoBase.