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CommitWork Developer Suite

Themed "Stay Comfortable with Cobol", we develop an Eclipse-Plugin for using your well known environment (guardian) with a modern development tool. You want to use your environment

  • Projectstructure ($Volume.Subvolume)
  • Compile (Comp)
  • Obey-Files
  • Macros

Then you can now lay back and stay comfortable with a new eclipse based environment.

You can use the following features out of eclipse:

  • Spooler access
  • Generating SQL-Statements

Additional you can

  • Use a software repository like cvs or subversion
  • Syntax coloring and more inside a new editor

Some of the CommitWork Developer Suite customers are: Rasselstein, Benteler, Elmer, Greenhouse, Miele

You also want to stay comfortable?
Read our CDS whitepaper.
Talk to us and you can get a free demo!